Monday, January 9, 2012

good drawings to identify and analyze capacity

Has many years of production management, quality control, process improvement, cost control and large electronics factory new product introduction and project management experience, but also has a wealth of product design capability and auxiliary workers and improved governance fixture design experience, familiar with AUTOCAD, PRO / E, etc. . Have a strong team spirit, high work ethic and a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability, have better relationships.Has many years of production management, quality control, process improvement, cost control and large electronics factory new product introduction and project management experience, but also has a wealth of product design capability and auxiliary workers and improved governance fixture design experience, familiar with AUTOCAD, PRO / E, etc. . Have a strong team spirit, high work ethic and a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability, have better relationships.I am cheerful easy-going, patient, loving, self-motivated, Wedding Favor Ideas have good interpersonal skills and team spirit. Environment adaptable and eager to learn and continuously improve the individual capacity. Good communication, interpersonal aspects of the strong affinity, to adapt to a wide variety of people .- Mechanical equipment and facilities like a solid technology base, nearly nine years of project management and coordination of facilities and equipment, work experience, including: Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas more than 8 years 38 equipment and facilities design, manufacture, assembly and construction of project experience (leading 18-50 person team) ; six years, equipment and facilities, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance and 5S management experience and understanding of the TPM-related knowledge, methodologies and practices to promote the process; 2 years more than 50 mechanical products to achieve project management experience (team led by more than 19 ), rich quality Planning (APQP) experience, familiar with the Production Part Approval process (PPAP) implementation experience; - http://forum.vstup.infoa wealth of machinery and equipment and facilities, system design, manufacturing, procurement and selection of the experience; - specializes in studying the development of new technologies and practical standard, optimistic attitude, with good adaptability; - Delicate Wedding Favors 7 years with foreign colleagues and clients to communicate with foreign exchange experience; - good internal and external customers and contractors with the communication and coordination capacity; - very good organizational ability Wedding Favor Ideasand problem-solving skills; - open-minded, good overall grasp; - have basic knowledge and lean manufacturing concepts, through about the training and obtain the certificate; - skilled use of AutoCAD, good drawings to identify and analyze capacity; - good English reading ability and oral communication skills; - a serious and responsible, initiative, innovation and teamwork rich, good training staff; - the importance of personal reputation

coordination with strong organizational skills and teamwork

Ten years of experience in embedded software development and design, one year overseas (U.S. and Canada), work experience, are very familiar with embedded software development process.
Since 2000 in my embedded system software development. Prior to working for Ericsson, Nortel Networks I work for nearly four years, as Founder communications for two years.
I have a very rich embedded software development experience. Real-time operating system VxWorks, Embedded Linux and other very familiar, especially proficient in VxWorks BSP, Linux U-Boot and the underlying drivers of development. Familiar with C / C + +, Assembler, Java and other programming languages. Of 802.3,802.11,802.1 x, TCP / IP, SIP, ATM, E1, V.35 and other protocols are very familiar. Development of a wireless broadband access (WiMax) of the central office and customer premise equipment, as well as ADSL central office and customer premise equipment, SHDSL and other transport equipment. On the use of WDF / KMDF / UMDF developed device drivers under Windows are very familiar.
My character traits are: not impetuous, can sink the heart work, team spirit is very, very good communication with the people can.
After years of work experience that adhere to the study, is to maintain the psychological character of the young and the best way to develop tough, but also to make himself quickly accept new things, never be afraid of challenges.5 years in IT sales & pre-sales management positions, good management team, improve team cohesion and solidarity, to lead the team to achieve common goals;
Rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience, effective project management and technical requirements will be combined to achieve sales targetsOthers in good faith, work, self-motivated, the flexibility and ability to accept. Confident of doing things, serious, determined and not afraid of hard work.
I look forward to doing a successful business person who can bring happiness to people around them.3-year sales and international trade experience in international trade, product manager, sales engineer. Work very hard,Wedding Venues good work and positive initiative, adaptability, strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities better. Skilled and English, and Portuguese and Spanish will be simple.Serious and responsible attitude towards work, good communication and coordination with strong organizational skills and teamwork; How to Choose Wedding Flowers lively, cheerful, optimistic, motivated, caring and good at teaching parallel; self-motivated, eager to learn to continuously improve their ability and overall quality. Love the Internet, familiar with all kinds of Internet products, a good aesthetic sense, there is a large-scale Web projects Some Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas in product development experience have a good team spirit.5 years experience in European and American foreign semiconductor manufacturing industry. Proficient in industrial engineering systems modeling, asset planning and capacity analysis, product cost analysis, and facilities to improve productivity, optimize the layout. Proficient in statistical data analysis. Excellent project management skills.

Internet-based industries

Nearly four years of mobile embedded software (based on Linux and RTOS) development experience;
Work carefully, resilient, responsible, good at solving practical problems; willing to learn, believe that learning is an important way to improve the life;
Man practical stable, easy-going personality, on their own, more stringent requirements;
Good teamwork and communication skills, able to handle around relationships;5 years of working experience with linux embedded system software development and porting experience, and a variety of volume production of ASIC verification experience. A rigorous process of development experience and has successfully led over a chip verification team.* Served as technical director of a number of international projects, familiar with project management process;
* Overseas project work and site management with foreign customers, agents, subcontractors, negotiating communication experience; in a number of project implementation, and global customers in different regions and countries to communicate, to understand a variety of cultural differences;
* There is a wealth of experience in mechanical design, familiar with a variety of manufacturing processes such as steel stamping, welding, surface treatment production process;New Ideas on Wedding Favors
* With a complete mechanical, mechanics, steel, construction materials, PLC control, machinery, hydraulic control,. Wedding Favor Ideas project management, business and other knowledge systems, have the ability to control the project as a whole;
* Skilled use of AutoCAD, Solidworks for product design, complete 2D and 3D product drawings; Proficiency in Microsoft Project softwareDelicate Wedding favors , and other common office software;
* The use of English proficiency of foreign countries with more technical experts to communicate, proficient engineering documents written in English and business e-mailUK Certified Public Accountant in London eight years of work experience, and now FUTSING FINANCE LTD engaged in financial work, is responsible for the financial management of the entire group (seven years), with a solid financial knowledge and wealth of practical skills.New Ideas On Wedding Favors
I am from the programmer, senior programmer, systems analyst, project manager, technical manager, chief engineer, branch manager and corporate trainer, has been first-line charge in the software industry for 15 years, involved in transport, banking, telecommunications, electricity, manufacturing, retail , Internet-based industries, from tens of thousands to 80 million project, led several people to four or five person team, has a wealth of business knowledge, foster new experience, management experience and full of passion for the work of the people

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can work under great pressure

Talented person who want to build a career in luxury with more than 3 years writing experience and a master degree in Computer Science who has demonstrated abilities in learning new technologies quickly and always beencheap lacoste polo shirts willing to take new challenges.
Career Objective:cheap prom dress
Especially skilled in time and details management. Exceptional communication skills with developers, support engineers worldwide and team members.
Over seven years working experiences in recruit field and more than four years experience in Headhunter Company.prom dress
Good hunting experience in High-tech industry, fluent in the process of recruiting.
Deep understandingpolo shirts of the high-tech candidates’ market.
Good communication skills,prom dresses team working spirit.
Self-motivated and be glad to accept some new ideas.
Can work under great pressure.'cherish

Engineering manager

Over 12 years multi-national company product development experiences, versatile commodities and material knowledge/manufacturing process/methodology, very strong in consumer products development/process/qualification & testing/ NPI & MP support and project management, can do attitude, to achieve excellence in whatever to do.
Career Objective:lacoste polo shirts
R&D manager/Mechanical manager/Factory manager//Engineering manager
Self-motivated, technically based sales executive with over 15 years experience of B2B sales and product research and development and sourcing management in IT and Semiconductor industryed hardy underwear. Self-motivated,polo shirts technically based salesed hardy hoodies executive with over 15 years experienceed hardy trousers of B2B sales and product research and development and sourcing management in IT and Semiconductor industry. sunshine

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Livermore man tries to steal pizza delivery truck in Newark, arrested after punching detective

A 30-year-old Livermore man was arrested today after he tried to steal a pizza deliveryman's truck and then punched a detective as he attempted to flee.
The man, identified by police as James Thomas Rebelez, was arrested just after 1 p.m. near Dairy Avenue and Mulberry Street, Commander Bob Douglas said.
Rebelez was being held on suspicion of attempted auto theft, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer, Douglas said.
Police said the deliveryman was summoned to a home near the intersection, and left his truck running while making his delivery. And when he returned to the vehicle, he saw a stranger sitting inside ready to drive away.
The deliveryman and suspect argued and in the process, the deliveryman called police.
Within seconds, members of the Southern Alameda County Major Crimes Task Force — which was already working nearby — arrived ad apprehended the suspect.
But before putting handcuffs on the suspect, one detective was punched in the face as the suspect tried to flee, Douglas said.
The detective was not seriously hurt in the altercation.sentiment
life is bubble

Mother who killed herself, daughter, identified

The woman who set a fire that killed herself and her 4-month-old daughter was identified by police today as Alamelu Ramanathan.
Ramanathan, 33, and her daughter, Lakshmi Ashok, were found in the upstairs master bedroom of their home at 4511 Leonato Way in the Ardenwood neighborhood after the fire was reported about 6:15 p.m. Tuesday, said police Detective Bill Veteran.Both died of injuries related to the fire, which police believe Ramanathan intentionally started, Veteran said.
The woman's 8-year-old daughter ran to a neighbor's home to report the fire, Veteran said. She had been downstairs when the fire broke out, and her father was at work, police said.
The fire was confined to the bedroom where the mother and daughter were found. Firefighters had to force open the locked bedroom door, Veteran said.renaissance2010
a butterfly in my mind
I will forget